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San Fernando Valley Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you are arrested in the San Fernando Valley, you need an experienced attorney that knows the playing field. At the Sigal Law Group we have been practicing criminal defense in the San Fernando Valley area for many years. We know the courts and we know what judges and juries expect on a criminal case.

Hiring Reliable Criminal Defense Counsel

Whether your case is a low level offense such as a misdemeanor or a felony where your life is at stake, the right lawyer can be the difference between freedom and incarceration. Our approach to handling criminal cases is simple. Get the best results for our clients no matter what it takes. We take that approach with us to court every day. We are not intimidated by prosecutors and judges who are trying to push their own agendas. We have our own agenda in a criminal defense case and that agenda is yours!

When you are charged with a crime it seems like the whole world is against you. The police, prosecutors, judges court personnel and everyone else seems to treat you like a number and punish you. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney who is on your side.

Our attorneys are available to you within a moments notice and are always willing to walk you through the process so that you don't feel like a number but like a human being with rights.

Contact a San Fernando Valley Attorney

Contact us today for a FREE consultation so that we may give you an evaluation of how we can help you. Even if you are currently represented by a court ordered attorney or a public defender it is still in your best interest to discuss your case with an experienced attorney who can give you a second opinion. Remember the consultation is at no cost to you and you have nothing to lose, so contact a San Fernando Valley criminal defense lawyer today.