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Merchant Processing Litigation

Merchant processing, also known as payment processing, is the service that enables businesses to accept credit card, debit card, and electronic payment transactions. The agreements governing these transactions, which involve several different entities, coupled with the evolving nature of electronic commerce, make it challenging for consumers and merchants to find redress when they run into problems.

If you've been subjected to unfair and unlawful billing practices by your payment processing provider, you need a skilled advocate who can break through and find a resolution. The experienced team at Sigal Law Group will ensure you receive the best possible outcome for your case. Contact our offices today for help.

Merchant Processing Crimes

Merchant processing litigation tends to revolve around disputes between merchants and their payment processors. These legal battles can arise from various issues, including:

·        Overbilling

·        Breach of Contract

·        Early Termination Fees

·        Defaulted Agreements

·        MATCH and TMF Removal

·        Processing and Accounting Errors

·        Unfair Trade Practices

·        Negative Option Billing

·        ISO Litigation

·        MasterCard BRAM Fines

·        Visa Global Brand Protection Program Fines

·        Improper Use of MIDs

·        Contract Cancellation

·        Residual Disputes

·        Compliance Issues

When your payment processing provider violates your agreement, they must be held accountable.

Merchant Processing Laws

Merchants must abide by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This regulatory framework was created to protect credit card and cardholder data from being collected, processed, stored, or transmitted by any organization that acquires it. Additionally, the Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) specifies that all point-of-sale equipment and terminals must meet PCI DSS standards.

When merchant processing systems are not in compliance with PA-DSS or PCI DSS, the merchant or the payment processing provider can be subjected to fines, forensic audits, and other penalties—and risk damage to their brand's reputation.

Mitigating Compliance Issues 

Sigal Law Group understands how difficult this type of litigation can be, even for seasoned merchants. To ensure you are not being subjected to unlawful payment processing practices, contact our offices today.

No matter the issue, whether you're worried about a breach of contract, unfair trade practices, or ISO issues, Sigal Law Group can help