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Second Offense DUI

If you are arrested for DUI for the second time within a period of 10 years, you will face severe penalties. Second offense DUI charges are not taken lightly, and can affect your job, social status and relationships. It is important to consult an experienced DUI attorney as soon as possible.

The attorneys at the Sigal Law Group provide highly skilled and aggressive defense representation for individuals arrested for a second DUI. To find out how they can help your case, contact our firm today.

Penalties for Second DUI in Los Angeles, CA

California DUI laws are zero tolerance, meaning that individuals with prior DUI convictions can be charged with driving while intoxicated with as little as 0.01 percent blood alcohol level. As long as there aren't aggravating circumstances associated with the case, individuals charged with a 2nd offense DUI face the following penalties:

  • 90 days to 1 year of jail time
  • Up to $2,800 in court restitution fines
  • The installation and maintenance of an interlock ignition device (IID) on their vehicle
  • An 18-month court-ordered alcohol awareness program (the expense and obligations of which are both high and demanding)
  • Mandatory community service
  • Mandatory 2-year driver's license suspension
  • 3 to 5 years of probation
  • Triple to quadruple costs for driver's insurance coverage

Aggravating circumstances that can intensify the penalties of a second DUI conviction (and may involve prison time) can include:

  • Personal injury or death as a result of the incident
  • Significant property damage
  • The individual's age and blood alcohol level
  • Felony charges (which can be filed for any number of reasons including, but not limited to, the presence of illicit drugs or weapons and the presence of a minor in the convict's car, etc.)

Second DUI Defense Lawyers

In the aftermath of a second DUI arrest, being able to rely on a skilled professional to defend your rights in the court system is invaluable. The attorneys at Sigal Law Group are known throughout Los Angeles County for providing skilled and aggressive defense representation in DUI cases. To schedule a case review with an attorney who will fight tirelessly on your behalf, contact Sigal Law Group today.