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DUI Laws

DUI laws can be complicated and uncompromising. The experienced Los Angeles DUI attorneys at the Sigal Law Group understand and are up-to-date with California DUI laws and their potential consequences.

DUI Penalties and Fines

The penalties for DUI are severe and can include expensive fines, jail time, mandatory meetings and revocation or suspension of the individual's driver's license. Penalties vary from case to case and depend upon factors such as:

  • The blood alcohol level of the accused
  • The person's age
  • If a chemical test was taken or refused
  • If property was damaged or an individual was injured
  • If the individual has been convicted of one or more prior DUI (or other criminal) offenses

California DUI Laws

As of July 1, 2010, individuals who are convicted of DUI in Los Angeles will be required to install and maintain (at their own expense) an interlock ignition device (IID) on their vehicle(s) for between 5 months and one year.

An IID is a device that is wired to a vehicle's ignition. In order to start the vehicle, the device requires a breath sample. If alcohol is detected on the breath, the car will not start. The driver will be required to provide breath samples periodically while driving to ensure there is no alcohol in his or her blood.

DMV License Suspension and Revocation

If you are charged with DUI in the state of California and refused to complete a blood or breath test, you will face the following consequences from the DMV:

  • First offense: suspension of your driver's license for 1 year
  • Second offence (within 10 years of the first offense): revocation of your license for 2 years
  • Third offense: revocation of your license for 3 years

If you completed the chemical test, you will face the following from the DMV:

  • First offense: suspension for 4 months
  • Second offense (within 10 years): suspension for 1 year

The DMV will automatically suspend or revoke your driver's license following a DUI arrest. You will face additional penalties following a conviction in criminal court, including jail time and expensive fines.

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