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Los Angeles Deportation Defense Lawyer

Facing removal proceedings and having one's right to remain in the United States can be the scariest, most confusing and overwhelming experience of your life. Whether it is deportation defense as a result of a crime, being out of status or having your asylum case reviewed by an immigration judge, we understand what is involved. It means possibly being separated from your family, losing everything that you have built in America and being stripped of your chance to live the American dream. When faced with such a problem, you need the help of experienced attorneys who understand not only how the system works but your needs as a human being.

Vitaly B. Sigal began his career in immigration law and deportation defense. Upon passing the California Bar exam after only one try, Mr. Sigal started out defending immigrants before the federal immigration court, the federal appeals court and the criminal court system. He has over a span of his career, dedicated his life to helping those that cannot help themselves. An immigrant himself, Mr. Sigal witnesses as his parents gave up their life in the former Soviet Union in order to give him a better life. He has never lost sight of his parents sacrifice and the plight of the immigrant population when representing a person faced with deportation in removal proceedings.

We Handle Immigrant Law Cases

Whether you are in the custody of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) or appearing before an Immigration Judge at one of the many Immigration Courts nationwide the experience is overwhelming to say the least. You are facing a case filed against you by the United States government, being decided by a judge who also works for the United States government. Remember, the law is not on your side. You need a person who has knowledge, experience and successfully represented thousands of people in immigration hearings nationwide on your side.

Over the years Mr. Sigal has defended all types of immigrants and allowed them to remain with their families and live the American dream. He has had cases before the highest level of federal courts and has had decisions published that have changed the law in favor of his clients. Mr. Sigal has successfully sued the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), the Attorney General of the United States and the Department of Justice on his clients' behalf with amazing and positive results. We are not afraid to go up against even the most powerful government agencies and do so often and effectively. Mr. Sigal and the law offices of Sigal Law Group are proud to say that they have saved lives.

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In an ideal scenario, a client will contact us when criminal charges are filed against them in order to not only defend them but to make sure that any defense is structured towards not only getting the best result in criminal court but also keeping that client in the country. If you are facing criminal charges and are not a United States Citizen, the earlier you call us the better we can help you.

If however, your case is already past the criminal stage or even if you are now seeking to appeal an Immigration Judge's decision, it is never too late to contact us. We offer a free initial consultation and have two offices in the Los Angeles area where we can see you and tell you how it is we can resolve your problem. Your life and your family's future are too valuable to take for granted. Contact a Los Angeles deportation defense lawyer at the Sigal Law Group today to get your life, your freedom and your pursuit of happiness back on track.