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Los Angeles Wobbler Offenses Attorneys

A “wobbler” offense in the state of California is defined as any crime that can be filed or punishable as either a misdemeanor or felony crime, depending on the facts of the case, whether a defendant has a previous criminal record and the prosecutor's/sentencing judge's discretion.

Given such discretion, it's important that those accused of wobbler offenses make sure they have the strongest possible criminal defense. Only a highly skilled defense attorney will be able to provide the type of representation they will need throughout every stage of the criminal process, including:

  • arraignment
  • bail hearing
  • pre-trial proceedings
  • trial
  • verdict proceedings
  • sentencing phase and parole hearing (if a conviction occurs)

Having a skilled criminal defense lawyer can greatly increase the chances that a case will end efficiently and as favorably as possible for the defense. If you or a loved one has been accused of a wobbler crime in Los Angeles, contact the Sigal Law Group for experienced and dedicated legal representation.

List of Wobbler Offenses Committed in Los Angeles

Any number of offenses can be considered to be wobbler crimes, including:

  • assault
  • breaking and entering
  • drug crimes (including possession, distribution and trafficking)
  • embezzlement
  • fraud or forgery
  • vehicular manslaughter (only when other factors, aside from a driver, played a role in the fatal accident)
  • theft or burglary (particularly when the accused has a prior criminal record – and particularly if this record includes convictions of violent or felony crimes)

Building a Strong Defense Case

To give our clients the best chances of getting their charges reduced to a misdemeanor (if not dismissed entirely), the skilled criminal defense lawyers at the Sigal Law Group will:

  • collect all evidence that strengthens the defense and that weakens the prosecution
  • locate expert witnesses who can support the defense's claims
  • vehemently litigate the defense case in any necessary legal proceeding

Contact a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer

The most important thing you can do for someone in this situation is to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney. The stakes are too high. Contact Sigal Law Group and schedule a consultation with an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer. Toll free (888) 335-6008.