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Los Angeles Domestic Abuse Attorneys

Also referred to as spousal abusechild abuse or intimate partner violence, domestic abuse refers to the act of threatening, physically harming or otherwise harming any type of intimate or domestic partner. While domestic abuse may be physical or verbal in nature, it also can be emotional or economical, such as through intimidation, neglect or economic deprivation.

When domestic violence charges are filed, regardless of the specifics of the charges, the effects can be devastating on an emotional, professional and criminal level. For example, the possibility of prison time and a permanent criminal record (upon conviction) are further compounded by public humiliation, potential loss of a job and the loss of personal relationships.

For the best chances of avoiding such consequences, the accused should work with an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles who understands how to build and present a strong defense case against domestic abuse charges.

Domestic Abuse Laws in California

Like most other types of criminal law on the books in the state of California, domestic abuse statutes are extensive and can be complicated. Some of the most common reasons domestic abuse charges are filed involve allegations that an individual has violated one of the following domestic violence laws in California:

  • Penal Code (PC) 273.5, Corporal Injury to a Spouse of Cohabitant
  • PC 243 (e)(1) Domestic Battery
  • PC 273(d) Child Abuse
  • PC 273 (a) Child Endangerment
  • PC 368 Elder Abuse
  • PC 422 Criminal Threats

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