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Former FBI Agent Gets Six Years for Taking Bribes

Posted by Vitaly Sigal | Apr 21, 2023 | 0 Comments

Babak Broumand, a 56-year-old man from Lafayette, California, and former FBI special agent was sentenced to six years in federal prison and fined $30,000 after being found guilty of one count of conspiracy, two counts of bribery of a public official, and one count of monetary transactions in property derived from special unlawful activity. The sentencing judge also ordered Broumand to forfeit $132,309 that was connected to his criminal activity.

Corruption and Greed

Broumand was an FBI special agent for almost thirty years and was responsible for national security investigations. Between 2015 and 2018, the defendant allegedly accepted cash, gifts, and other benefits like hotel stays, escorts, and meals from an organized crime-linked attorney in exchange for helping the attorney and

his associates avoid prosecution and monitoring by law enforcement officials. To ensure his colleagues did not discover the crooked relationship, Broumand made it appear that the attorney was an FBI source conducting authentic law enforcement database queries, even going so far as to file false reports.

In their three-year relationship, Broumand was paid more than $200,000 in exchange for information on several significant criminal investigations. The cash and check bribes were then funneled into accounts for a Lafayette-based lice-removal hair salon that Broumand and his wife owned.

How a Seasoned Criminal Attorney Can Help

While the FBI is committed to maintaining the integrity of its operations and holding its agents to the highest standards of conduct, a judge's sentencing for such actions hinges on several ambiguous factors. The court will look at things like the specific facts and circumstances of the case, the defendant's criminal history, and mitigating factors (such as the defendant's age and mental state). A seasoned criminal attorney will work tirelessly to create a strategic defense that is in the client's best interest.

Attorney Vitaly Sigal of Sigal Law Group is an experienced and knowledgeable criminal attorney who realizes how important a strong defense is in a case like this. His goal is to shield defendants from unnecessarily harsh or excessive punishments. Call 818-325-0579 today for a free consultation.

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