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Visa Global Brand Protection Program Fines

As a merchant processing litigation firm, Sigal Law Group understands the complexities and potential pitfalls associated with the Visa Global Brand Protection Program (GBPP). This program aims to safeguard the Visa payment system from illegal or prohibited transactions, but it can also result in significant fines for merchants who unintentionally infringe its rules.

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What is the Visa Global Brand Protection Program?

The point of the Visa GBPP is to classify certain merchant categories as "high-brand risk." Typically, the merchants who are categorized as high-brand risk are those involved in direct marketing, dating services, or the sale of drugs and pharmaceuticals. Merchants who are classified this way are subjected to stricter monitoring requirements and must register with Visa before processing transactions. If they fail to comply with these requirements, they will likely be heavily fined and could have their merchant accounts terminated.

One of the biggest challenges merchants face is navigating the ever-evolving list of high-brand risk merchant category codes (MCCs). Visa periodically updates these codes, and merchants may then fall into a high-risk category without knowing it, prompting additional compliance obligations. Moreover, the Visa GBPP extends beyond just the merchant's primary business activity and includes any transactions that may be deemed illegal or brand damaging.

Merchants who receive Visa GBPP fines often find themselves in a complex legal situation, as these fines can be substantial and may be accompanied by threats of termination or inclusion in the Terminated Merchant File (TMF) or MATCH list. This can effectively prevent merchants from securing new payment processing relationships, crippling their ability to conduct business.

At Sigal Legal Group, our experienced attorneys understand the nuances of the Visa Rules and the Visa GBPP program and will work tirelessly to protect your interests. Our approach involves:

1.    Conducting a thorough review of your business practices and transactions to identify potential areas of non-compliance.

2.    Negotiating with Visa and the acquiring bank to mitigate or eliminate fines and prevent termination or listing on TMF/MATCH.

3.    Identifying and implementing remedial measures to ensure future compliance and avoid further penalties.

Navigating the complexities of the Visa GBPP can be overwhelming; contact our offices today for a free consultation.