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Former LASD Deputy Pleads Guilty to Violating the Civil Rights of a Skateboarder

Posted by Vitaly Sigal | Sep 01, 2023 | 0 Comments

Christopher Blair Hernandez, a 37-year-old sheriff's deputy in the LASD's Compton Station, agreed to plead guilty in July 2023 to a felony conspiracy charge to violate another man's civil rights.

According to the plea agreement, Hernandez and his former partner, Miguel Angel Vega, went by Wilson Park in Compton, where they saw two young Black males outside the skateboard park. The police officers exited their police vehicle and approached the men, ordering them to lift their shirts.

The victim, “J.A.,” who was inside the enclosed skateboard park, yelled at the officers to leave the other men alone. Vega and the victim got into an argument in which Vega then challenged the victim to a fight. He then grabbed J.A. through an opening in the fence and confined him to the back of the police car while Hernandez watched. While this occurred, J.A. was never arrested, never placed in handcuffs, and never had his seatbelt secured. He was also never read his rights.

Police Officer Admissions

Hernandez admitted in the plea agreement that he knew they had no legal right to hold J.A. Despite this, he never freed the victim. Instead, Vega and Hernandez drove off with the victim still in the vehicle while Vega continued to throw harassing statements at him.

After leaving the scene, Vega and Hernandez began pursuing a group of young males on bicycles. Hernandez got out of the vehicle to pursue them on foot, but while continuing to drive, Vega crashed the vehicle. J.A. hit his face and head, which ended up needing stitches. While at the hospital, the police officers had a deputy issue J.A. a citation for being under the influence of methamphetamine, which Hernandez admitted he knew to be false.  

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