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Crime Alerts Rise Significantly in 11 L.A. Neighborhoods

Posted by Vitaly Sigal | Aug 30, 2013 | 0 Comments

Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) data analyzed by the Los Angeles Times' Crime L.A. database shows that weekly crime reports are up significantly in 11 neighborhoods across the city.

The Times reports that six neighborhoods experienced a marked increase in violent crime, while a further five recorded increases in property crime.

Of those with violent crime increases, Vermont Square reported the largest number of incidents with 19, up from an average of 12.8 violent crimes per week. In Boyle Heights, violent crime more than doubled the weekly average of 8.0, with 18 reports. The most unusual change occurred in Gramercy Park, where rates tripled to 9 reports over the average of 2.9.

The other neighborhoods with increased violent crime are Panorama City (6.0 average, 10 reports), Leimert Park (2.9 average, 6 reports), and Lincoln Heights (2.1 average, 5 reports).

The highest number of property crime alerts occurred in Broadway-Manchester, with 30 reports against a weekly average of 16.3, nearly doubling the rate. Fairfax, with a weekly average of 13.5, experienced the most significant increase with 21 recorded property crimes.

Three more neighborhoods recorded noticeable increases in property crime: Adams-Normandie (5.1 average, 11 reports), Mid-City (19.4 average, 28 reports), and West Los Angeles (8.2 average, 12 reports).

The Times bases these alerts on an analysis of crime reports from the most recent seven days of available data. Crime alerts are triggered through reports received by the Crime L.A. database three to five times per week, where an algorithm detects unusual increases in reports from each neighborhood that are significantly above the recorded average.

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