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Self-Proclaimed Swingers Must Wait Longer for Court Decision

Posted by Vitaly Sigal | Feb 14, 2020 | 0 Comments

It has been a complicated case that has involved past and current prosecutors, multiple alleged victims, a former orthopedic surgeon turned reality television star and his girlfriend, and surprise rulings in court. And despite it looking like the entire matter was going to end last week, the case against Grant Robicheaux and Cerissa Riley is going to drag out for at least another month.

Accusations Against the Couple in Newport Beach

Robicheaux and Riley were a popular and outgoing couple in the Newport Beach, California nightlife scene. Robicheaux was a prominent orthopedic surgeon who was named Orange County's most eligible bachelor in 2013, and he had appeared on a reality television show. Riley was a dance instructor and substitute high school teacher when she met Robicheaux. Together, they were officially accused of and charged with drugging and raping seven women they met at bars or parties, although many other women have also made similar claims against the two.

After their arrest, police searched the house the couple lived in and found enough drugs to warrant possession of controlled substance charges and electronic data that showed the couple having sex with many women.

Attorneys for the couple have claimed that an overzealous district attorney distorted the facts of the case and that the couple's lives have been in shambles since the 2018 charges were filed. The attorneys claim that group sex and drug use was a well-known element of the Newport Beach party scene and that none of the women Robicheaux and Riley encountered were ever too inebriated to consent to sex.

Case Used for Political Gain in Newport Beach, CA?

When charges were filed against the couple in October 2018, the Orange County district attorney was Tony Rackauckas, who was in the middle of a contentious re-election campaign. His successor, Todd Spitzer, has said that the electronic data obtained after the arrest is not the smoking gun Rackauckas claims it was. Yes, it shows the couple having group sex with many different women, but there was no evidence to prove that it was nonconsensual.

In February 2020, Spitzer announced he was going to drop the charges against Robicheaux and Riley. The couple even went on national television to conduct interviews proclaiming they were glad they would soon be able to put this behind them. But in a surprise twist, the judge in the case did not grant the motion to dismiss. Instead, he took it “under submission,” which means all parties in the case will have more time to present more facts about the case.

Serious Accusations in California Have Consequences

Robicheaux and Riley will have to wait until early April to know what will unfold in their fates. Their story, due to the salacious nature of partying, sex, and drugs, has gained a lot of attention from around the world, but they are still innocent until proven guilty. Even so, Robicheaux has lost his medical license and practice and both of their lives have been changed significantly.

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