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Video Shows Police Officer Beating Suspect

Posted by Vitaly Sigal | May 06, 2020 | 0 Comments

At Sigal Law Group, we understand that times are stressful right now in Los Angeles as well as around the country. With the coronavirus lockdowns dragging on and now an early heat wave here in southern California, people are anxious about the current situation and getting antsy to return to a “normal” life. People are tired of staying at home and worried about their jobs and the economy. We are all experiencing varying levels of stress, especially our frontline workers – like those in health care, the police, and transportation who continue to have to do their jobs every day under unusual circumstances. They, too, can react under this type of pressure.

Police Incident in Boyle Heights

That being said, possibly being stressed out is absolutely no excuse for how one Los Angeles Police Department officer recently handled apprehending a trespassing subject in late April. A bystander's cell phone camera captured the moment when two LAPD officers approached a man who was suspected of trespassing near a church in Boyle Heights.

After a brief verbal exchange between the officers and the suspect, the male officer—out of nowhere—began beating the suspect on the back of his head while screaming profanities at him. He only stopped when his partner, a female police officer, put her hand on his arm. Quickly thereafter, more officers arrived on the scene.

An LAPD supervisor reviewed the bystander's video as well as the body camera footage of both of the officers who first approached the subject and launched an investigation into the incident. The male officer has been assigned home-duty until the investigation is completed. The suspect suffered some abrasions to his head but refused medical treatment.

Trespassing is generally a misdemeanor in the state of California, and even if the accused had been charged with trespassing, it does not excuse the behavior of this LAPD officer. Police brutality, unfortunately, is not an uncommon issue to LAPD or around the country for that matter. This trespassing suspect can at least be grateful he was not shot.

You Have Rights, Even When Accused in California

The U.S. Constitution guarantees every citizen (and even non-citizens) rights in this country. Even if you are accused and charged with a crime, you still have rights. You have the right to defend yourself and the right to a speedy trial. A knowledgeable, trusted defense attorney will know exactly how to investigate the charges you face and mount a credible defense on your behalf.

Attorney Vitaly Sigal has aggressively represented clients facing criminal charges for over a decade. He takes each case very seriously, and he will work tirelessly to make sure your rights are protected. If you believe the police overstepped their line of duty while interacting with you, you should contact Sigal Law Group right away to discuss your case. Call 818-325-0570 or fill out an online contact form. Despite the California closures due to the pandemic, Sigal Law Group staff is still working on behalf of current and any future clients.

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