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What to Expect in a Federal Penitentiary?

Posted by Vitaly Sigal | Dec 13, 2021 | 0 Comments

If you're facing federal charges, it can be frightening. You're undoubtedly worried about what will happen if you're convicted and what you might encounter in federal prison. Fortunately, the Federal Bureau of Prisons gives potential inmates and their loved ones some guidance on what to expect when you enter a federal penitentiary.

Federal Prison Intake

Once you're in your assigned federal facility, your intake process will include orientation, assignment to a unit or team, and a program review.

  • Orientation: During orientation, you'll receive a social and health screening. You'll also receive a copy of the rules and regulations, including your rights and responsibilities. The staff will also assign you a permanent job.
  • Team Unit: Upon arrival, the staff will assign you to a housing unit and a specific unit team. Unit team members can help with release planning, parole matters, family problems, personal issues, and set up counseling.
  • Program Review: Within 28 days of arriving, the staff will assign you a classification. The staff will then work with you to develop an individual plan to help you develop the skills needed for re-entry.

Prison Staff

In prison, the staff you'll interact with most often include:

  • Unit Manager: The unit manager heads up the administration of the unit and oversees programs and activities.
  • Case Manager: The case manager is responsible for casework, correspondence, classification, progress reports, and release plans.
  • Correctional Counselor: The correctional counselor provides counseling and guidance for inmates.
  • Unit Secretary: The unit secretary performs administrative and clerical duties, including release paperwork.
  • Unit Officer: The unit officers have direct supervision of inmates and enforce rules and regulations.

Re-entry Pre-release Programming

Throughout your stay, the unit staff will help you gain the skills and resources you'll need to re-enter society. After your initial classification, you'll receive progress updates and recommendations for additional programs and services. They'll also assist you in obtaining at least two forms of identification before your release.

Hire a Skilled Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

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