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Your First Week To-Do List for Arrest on Federal Charges

Posted by Vitaly Sigal | Jun 07, 2021 | 0 Comments

The shock and embarrassment of an arrest can scramble the mind of just about anyone. An FBI arrest for tax evasion, mail or wire fraud, counterfeiting, or other federal crime can be even more frightening and disabling of one's reason. Clear thinking is hard but imperative to one's successful defense in such a crisis moment. Follow these two first-week checklists to safeguard your procedural and personal interests.

Procedural Protections

Procedure is king in a federal criminal prosecution, especially for a successful defense. The defendant who ignores critical first-week steps can compromise the defense beyond retrieval. You or your loved one charged with a federal crime should follow these first-week steps to preserve Fourth Amendment, Fifth Amendment, and other constitutional and statutory rights toward a successful defense:

  • Do comply with law enforcement commands as to your physical conduct once in custody. Don't physically resist arrest or obstruct the investigation, handing the police additional power to restrain, search, imprison, and charge;
  • Do invoke your right to remain silent. Don't answer questions or volunteer information in any way related to potential crimes, other than to state your name and address, and similar personal identity information;
  • Do invoke your right to retain and rely on the presence and advice of skilled counsel at the Sigal Law Group. Don't forgo a lawyer or accept the advice of anyone other than your own retained lawyer;
  • Do call for help at the first opportunity, both your most-trusted family member and your federal criminal defense lawyer at the Sigal Law Group (818) 325-0570. Don't attempt to go it alone. You need help;
  • Do promptly and confidentially tell your Sigal Law Group federal criminal defense lawyer the whole truth and nothing but the truth, as privileged information. Don't omit or mislead as to anything;
  • Do respond to every call or request of your Sigal Law Group lawyer and, with your lawyer's knowledge, every command of the police or court. Don't disappear or abscond, making a bad situation worse; and
  • Do demand that your federal criminal defense lawyer at the Sigal Law Group be present for any showup, lineup, interrogation, or other law-enforcement or court proceeding. Don't waive your counsel right.

Personal Interests

While procedural rights are paramount to your successful defense, you or your loved one also have personal interests to pursue and protect when arrested on a federal criminal charge. Follow these first-week steps to preserve and promote your personal interests:

  • Do let your closest family members know of your need for support. Don't hide from them or disappear. They're rightly worried about you;
  • Do let your employer know of your work absences in advance if possible, whether you tell why or not. Don't lose a job as a no show/no call;
  • Do attend to your health, whether food, sleep, exercise, medications, medical care, and safety. Stay strong. Don't let yourself fall apart;
  • Do meet other financial and legal obligations as you are able. Pay rent and utility bills. Don't let your financial and legal affairs turn to chaos; and
  • Do trust your Sigal Law Group federal criminal defense lawyer to turn your path toward its best possible outcome. Don't give up hope.

Retain Skilled Federal Criminal Defense

If you or a loved one face federal criminal charges anywhere in the Los Angeles area, contact the skilled and experienced criminal defense attorneys at Sigal Law Group. Let a premier Sigal Law Group lawyer work aggressively and tirelessly to protect the innocent against false or exaggerated federal criminal charges.

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